Create a Pinterest business account Fast – Pinterest Business Account

Create a Pinterest business account Fast – Pinterest Business Account; This tutorial teaches how to create Pinterest account for your e-commerce business.

Interestingly, if you're an eCommerce business owner, you can use Pinterest to reach a large audience that cares for your business.

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In this post, you'll all you need to set up a Pinterest business account for your online business.
Create a Pinterest business account Fast – Pinterest Business Account
Pinterest Business Account - A Pinterest business account is one account you need for your businesses online. So many must have heard so many definitions about Pinterest on social media, blogs, friends, family and so many more.

Pinterest can be likened to an online pinboard used mostly for gathering graphic pieces of multimedia (which are mostly images). On Pinterest, users are allowed to create as many boards for their pins as they like.

It's in the sense that if they like the idea of collecting pictures on men fashions, users can create a board and label it “fashions”.

Users can also create boards for other pictures like recipes and so many more. Pinterest which we all know to be as a visual social media platform has added a new feature to their service called Pinterest business account.

Which has also made it easy for users that run businesses. Pinterest has added another account to their platform which is the Pinterest business account.

Created for users with the aim of growing the business and also using the platform to market their products and services. It is advisable for users to create a business account with Pinterest.

This is because it is free and also offers access to features that will be of benefit to your business such as analytics that can help you strategize.

Users can use this business account for so many reasons. Such as to advertise their business, study Pinterest analytics just as I have mentioned earlier, make fun and unique content, add the pin it button to your own personal website etc.
How to Create a Pinterest Business Account 
The following are ways on how to create a Pinterest business account and it is advisable for users to follow the steps given correctly so as to get an accurate result.

1. Visit the link

2. Click on the red button that says “convert your existing account”

3. Select the type of your business

4. Update your contact name and email address; this is not compulsory

5. You will be guided through the business type enabling you to choose the one that suits you the most

6. On the page that comes up next, you are to enter your profile info which is your business name, username, website etc.

7. Scroll down to the section of the agreement, read it thoroughly and agree to it if it suits you 8. Once you agree to their terms, click on the convert account button

9. And instantly your Pinterest business account has been created.

Create a Pinterest business account on Pinterest to boost your account in every way.

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