Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell | How to Find Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell | How to Find Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Facebook Marketplace: Just from the implication of its name, Facebook Marketplace is a buying/selling medium incorporated into the Facebook app, to enable users to buy and sell items at will no services charges whatsoever. 
Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell | Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Facebook Marketplace
This service offers a lot of perks. For one, it brings certain items within the reach of buyers, which normally would be inaccessible. 

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One little issue which seems to be nitpicking though is that this service is only accessible if you use the Facebook app. 

This means, if you sign in to your account via the Facebook site, you won’t be able to use this service. 

Facebook already stands out from other social media sites due to a plethora of features it offers. But this – Marketplace, blows other sites out of the water. 

Facebook would be the first and only social site to incorporate this into their app. 
How the Facebook Marketplace works 
The Marketplace is designed such that buyers and sellers within a particular locale can do business with each other. 

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This way, one doesn’t have to do much to get buyers. 

Now, that’s how well organized the Facebook Marketplace is. If you intend to sell an item, you are required to give details on the item so prospective buyers can get a rundown of what you’re offering. 

When a buyer visits and shows interest on your item, you will be notified. From there on out, whether the buyer buys the item or not depends on your negotiation. 
How to Find the Marketplace Service 
> Sign in to your account using the Facebook app. 
> Tap on the “Shop-looking” icon on your News feed. 
> If you intend to sell an item, tap on the “Sell Something” button and then tap on “Item for Sale“. 
> Enter the required details about the item and place it under the appropriate category. 

Now, your work is done. 

You just have to wait to get notified when a prospective buyer indicates interest in your item.

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