Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell Marketplace | Facebook Online Marketplace - FB Marketplace Services

Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell Marketplace | Facebook Online Marketplace - FB Marketplace Service - Facebook Marketplace is a not so new feature which is accessible from the Facebook Home page

Facebook is a large community where people all over the world connect for different purposes.

Facebook the most popular social media - I know you have experience this connection in diverse ways and you would like it that on Facebook you can sell and buy whatever you need.

It's of note that people have been connecting through different groups for the purpose of buying and selling their items.

On this note, Facebook has come up with a wonderful service: buying and selling on Facebook- Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell Marketplace | Facebook Online Marketplace - FB Marketplace Service

Facebook Marketplace allows Facebook users to buy and sell products. 

If you engage in small scale enterprises or wish to buy or sell an item of yours, i will like to introduce Facebook marketplace to you as a destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community.

This service is quite useful as users all over the world can exchange items with each other at agreed and affordable price.

This way, users are able to access products which they otherwise would not have access to.  

Although, there are well-established e-commerce services where one can buy and sell items on, like e-bay, Amazon, etc. 

Facebook Marketplace still has its perks as users within the Facebook community can avail themselves of the opportunity to buy and sell directly to friends. 

Also, there’s a very wide range of possible buyers from all over the world. 

Why Should You Use Facebook Marketplace? 

Marketplace makes it easy to find the things you will love, cherish and a home of things you will like to have.

It is easy to use, moreover, buyers and sellers are always available

You may be fortunate to do business with a user quite close to you and this would allow for easy delivery. 
How to Use the Facebook Marketplace 

For starters, to use this service, you have to have reached an age threshold of 18 years. This is to say users below 18 years of age are restricted from accessing the service. 

Facebook marketplace is available on both Android and iOS devices.

However, there’s a caveat – you have to use the Facebook app to be able to access the service. 

Now that all that is out of the way, follow the steps presented below to use the Facebook Marketplace service
> Login to your account using the Facebook app. 
> Tap on the Marketplace icon. 

This icon is Home-shaped with a roof on top of it. Once you’re in, you’ll get to see a wide variety of items ranging from fashion items to electronics to cars and even real estate. 

Before you agree to buy any item and engage in buying any item, be sure to check sellers’ info.

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