How To Facebook Sign up New Account Free - Facebook Login Sign Up | Create Account Now

How To Facebook Sign up New Account Free - Facebook Login Sign Up | Create Account Now: Do you want to create a new account on Facebook?

Let's quickly take a brief look at the process involved in how to sign up a Facebook account right away.

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Before you proceed with the steps on how to create facebook account below, bear in mind that signing up a new Facebook account is one of the simplest things anyone can ever do and in this post, we have taken the time to simplify the whole process in such a way that everyone can undertake it with ease. Continue reading below: 
How To Facebook Sign up New Account Free - Facebook Login Sign Up | Create Account Now
Facebook Sign up New Account – Just like every other social media network, Facebook allows its users to create a user profile in order to join the worldwide social media network. You cannot access Facebook features if you don’t have a Facebook profile. 

Facebook Sign up New Account or Sign up for Facebook is free and can contain a little or much information as you want. 

Immediately you sign up for Facebook i.e after creating a Facebook account, you can modify or reset your privacy settings to specify what details you want to make public or private. 

The next thing to do is to upload a cover photo, a cover photo is different from a profile picture. A cover photo is an image that appears at the top of your personal page, it is larger than the profile photo, it can be a cartoon or a flag or anything that looks nice that others may find interesting.

To add a cover photo, you will have to either upload a photo by taking a picture or import photos from the already existing photos on your phone.

Most Facebook users often misuse Sign up for Sign in. There is actually a difference between the two terms.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the Two terms.

Difference between Facebook sign up and Facebook sign in Although the two terms are related by mere looking at them, they are totally different from each other and they perform different functions. 

When you sign up for Facebook you are just creating a Facebook profile on the Facebook site. Your Facebook profile contains your name, phone number, date of birth, location, gender, educational status, political views, etc.

But when you sign in with Facebook, you are authentically using Facebook, it shows you already have Facebook account or profile.

Facebook Sign up New Account | Facebook account Sign Up
How To Facebook Sign up New Account Free - Facebook Login Sign Up | Create Account Now
Facebook Sign up New Account or to sign up for Facebook account, follow the necessary guide below;

> Go to the Facebook website in your web browser. You will see the Sign up button below the Login button, click on the Sign up button.

> Type your information into the boxes that appear on your screen after clicking on Sign up. When you have completed the information, click on submit or sign up.

You have successfully signed up for Facebook account, Facebook will send email to the email address you provided.

This is to ensure that you have given a correct email address and one that you have easy and direct access to. After this, click on the “confirm your account” button.

A confirmation code will be sent to your email address or your mobile phone number and you will be asked to key it in the box provided, click on confirm.

Facebook automatically opens your Facebook profile and asks you some questions to help you get started.

First Step After You Create New Facebook account | Facebook Sign in 
The first step is to find friends who are already using Facebook. Facebook will also suggest friends you may know and gives a list of their names with their profile pictures so that you can recognize them when you see them.

If you will like to add a friend from this list, click on the Add button – this button sends a friend request to them and it’s their choice to accept the request or not.

The next step is the Welcome page, in this page you get to know your privacy settings.

Finally, Add a profile picture. Once you have done all of this your new Facebook page will automatically open.

Note: if you are having any problem signing in with Facebook it’s possible you have signed up with too many media using different media accounts or email addresses.

Make sure that your browser is logged into the email account you used while signing up with Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide and you are now able to connect with your friends and family via Facebook.

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