One of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin (BTC) worldwide

Buy bitcoins with Skrill

Skrill provides a global payment solution that allows customers to deposit or transfer funds instantly. 

It is one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin (BTC) worldwide, as Skrill supports over 200 countries and territories, and it enables users to transfer money in over 40 currencies.

Quick, easy and secure online purchases make Skrill one of the world's leading digital payments provider and a popular choice among online users looking to receive cryptocurrency payments globally.

How to buy Bitcoin with Skrill
  1. To buy bitcoin with Skrill, first of all, you need to deposit funds from your Skrill account to your SpectroCoin blockchain wallet.
  2. Find "Deposit" in the top menu and then select EUR, GBP or USD wallet.
  3. On the following page, select your country , and input the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Select "Skrill".(Note: Skrill deposit range is 1 – 1000 EUR).
  5. You will be forwarded to Skrill website, where you need to login to your Skrill account.
  6. Once you log in, just click "Pay now". You will be redirected to SpectroCoin and the deposit will instantly be included into your account.
  7. After you depositing the funds in your account, go to "Exchange", select the currency you deposited as the “Pay Currency".
  8. Input the exchange amount, click on "Exchange" and, after checking your conversion details, click "Confirm".

Benefits of Skrill payments

Skrill allows users to deposit EUR, USD, GBP, and to withdraw EUR and USD. There are several other benefits of purchasing cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, Dash, XEM, and ETH, with Skrill at SpectroCoin:

  • Convenient and safe money transfer through an e-wallet
  • High-level security standards and anti-fraud technology
  • Fast, easy and free setup
  • High transfer limits (verified users can send up to $25,000 per month)

Uploading Bitcoins to your Skrill account is a fast and easy process. We will show you how you can upload up to 500 EUR in Bitcoin to your account and start using it directly.

Choose deposit option

Click the “Upload” button in your account. A new window will appear showing you all available deposit options for your account. Choose “bitcoin – Instant Upload” and click the “Continue” button on the bottom.

Choose your deposit amount

During the next step you have to enter the amount you would like to deposit. The standard limit is 500 EUR with a fee of 1%, but the limit can also vary depending on your country of residence or your verification status. 

If your account is not fully verified yet we highly recommend to verify your account first to increase your limits. Just follow our Skrill verification guide to verify your account within 1 business day.

Transfer from your Bitcoin wallet

You will now redirected to the bitpay payment processing page where you receive all information to finish the process. 

You can use the shown barcode or simply use the “copy payment URL” link to copy the link which you can use in your Bitcoin wallet to make the transfer. Please make sure to enter the correct Bitcoin amount to avoid any problems with the process.

Wait for the payment to be processed

Once you made the transfer the window disappears and you will be redirected to your Skrill account overview page. It can take from minutes up to 1 business day for the payment to be available in your Skrill account, but usually it will not take longer than a few hours. 

The status of your payment is shown in your transaction history as “pending” now until it was fully processed.

Buy Cryptocurrencies with Skrill directly

Almost all Skrill customers are now able to exchange their account balance to cryptocurrency. However, this service is not available to all countries yet, please check the Skrill Cryptocurrency page to find out if it is available to you already.

What currencies you can buy

Currently you can buy the following cryptocurrencies with your Skrill account balance:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

According to Skrill more currencies will be available in the near future, but the major currencies are available already which is great step since cryptocurrencies will become more and more important.

The minimum amount you need to buy is 10 EUR (or equivalent in your currency) and the maximum amount depends on your accounts status and limits. 

To check for individual limits, please login to your account and check your account limits. Please keep in mind, to increase your limits your account should be fully verified first. 

If you have not done it yet you can use our fast verification service and send your verification documents to Your account will be verified within 1 day and your limits increased.

Fees & rates for buying Cryptocurrencies

The fee for this transactions depends on your account currency and they use very competitive rates compared to the average market rates:

  • 1.50% – EUR / USD
  • 3.00% – All other currencies

You don’t have an Skrill account yet? Sign-up now and enjoy all benefits and start buying cryptocurrencies with your account balance.

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